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HCA Junior

Harvest Christian Academy is everything you could want in a Christian school.

HCA Alum

This school means so much to me. HCA prepared me for college and life. The teachers truly care about your success in academics, extracurriculars, and your relationship with Christ

HCA Parent

Can't tell you how much we love this school! Teachers and staff genuinely love our kids and tell them about Jesus every chance they get!

Former Parent

Outstanding school and outstanding leadership. Our son finished his junior and senior year at Harvest. Our only regret is we did not have him join earlier.

HCA Freshman

Coming to Harvest for my freshman year of high school I was so nervous and worried that it would not be a good fit for me. But, I was wrong, I was welcomed into a Christ centered environment with open arms.

HCA Board Member

The faculty is both personal and professional and the leadership is excellent. It is a school that places value on scholastic, spiritual, and social development. My family's experience at HCA has been tremendous!

HCA Alum

Harvest Christian Academy provided a great educational, spiritual, and athletic experience. The teachers truly cared about each student. HCA not only prepared me for college, but it prepared me for life. I highly suggest looking into this school!

HCA Senior

All teachers are engaging during class and strive to make sure that all students receive the help that they need in their education.

HCA Staff Member

HCA's single greatest strength is the commitment to discipleship. We've been abundantly blessed by teachers, coaches, and administrators who have a deep commitment to God and speak into the lives of our children, teaching them to bring glory and honor to God in all they do.

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