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A Safe, Secure School Campus

HCA has invested heavily in security and safety measures to protect our students, faculty, and staff. We are dedicated to providing a safe educational experience for our students: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are adamant about the importance of preparation, communication, and quick response when dealing with any threat to our student’s safety.

What tools do we currently utilize to create a secure campus?

  • surveillance cameras

  • monitors

  • communication devices

  • key card entry doors

  • background check system for all visitors

In addition, HCA has trained and licensed security personnel on staff and routinely drills for all types of events such as weather, fire, lockdowns, and other adverse events. In case of emergency, our ParentAlert system notifies parents of any issue on campus via text message. We are diligent in ensuring parents are well informed throughout any situation.

HCA Campus at FBC Keller

Safety has been and always will be one of the most important responsibilities of any educational environment. Over the last several years, this responsibility has forced the advancement and rethinking of security protocols and practices due to the common occurrences of horrific tragedies. A large majority of these tragedies have occurred at schools and religious places around the country. As a Christian school, HCA feels the need to always go above and beyond in the preparation, training, and implementation of security protocols to protect the Saints community.

The Crisis Response Objective at HCA provides the maximum practical protection for students and school personnel in the event of a crisis. To meet this objective, our faculty and staff are run through rigorous training each year to ensure they are equipped to handle a crisis on campus. Since no two emergencies will ever be the same in nature, scope, or magnitude, it is necessary for HCA’s plan to be flexible and subject to modification. During a crisis, the following are top priorities:

  1. protection of life

  2. prevention of injury

  3. protection of premises

  4. preparation of the campus for evacuation

HCA is currently one of the few schools in the area who provide multiple certified and licensed armed guards on campus each day. These guards are full-time employees of the school who have been certified through the state of Texas as Personal Protection Officers. The certification is through a Texas Private Security Board licensed company and all licenses are regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This licensed company holds and upkeeps all certifications for HCA guards. Training for the guards is provided through our licensing company, local police, and certified firearm instructors. If a crisis is declared, the security team will assume complete control, assess the situation, and have the authority to provide any necessary actions to protect the HCA community until law enforcement arrives.

HCA guards have both Level 3 and Level 4 certifications. A Level 3 officer wears a security uniform with a duty belt and side arm. A Level 4 officer wears plain clothes with a concealed firearm. HCA uses Level 3 officers on campus for student drop off, public events, and other school-wide events. HCA has Level 4 officers on campus every school day to protect our students with a quick and organized response to any situation.

Safety and security does not stop with the HCA security team. HCA provides emergency bags for each teacher to keep in their classroom and carry with them while out of the room. These bags include basic first aid, emergency maps, supplies, and other items that keep teachers and their students prepared for emergencies. Visitors are required to check in at the front office. HCA also implements safety features for the technology used on campus.

Keeping our campus safe and prepared requires open communication and working together with faculty, staff, parents, and students (at an age appropriate level) to be ready for a weather emergency, medical crisis, violent outbreak, or any other problem that may arise. HCA reviews policies on injury, evacuation, entrapment, lockdown procedures, bomb threats, suspicious persons/items on campus, contamination, and missing persons. Faculty and staff run through fire, weather, evacuation, and lockdown drills, as well as train in basic first aid, trauma incidents, CPR, and AED’s. Students drill for fire, weather, and lockdown.

HCA believes that safety is one of the core components of successfully operating a Christian school. The physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our students is the top priority. HCA diligently strives to provide each student a safe educational environment to develop character, demonstrate competence, and discover their calling. If you have any questions or comments about the safety and security practices at HCA, please contact our Security Director, Tyler Gilliam.

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