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College Prep in a Christian School

What should a school value the most in helping students learn and grow? Your child deserves to build fundamental skills in academics while experiencing a positive environment: mentally, physically, and socially. With HCA's focus on Kingdom Education, we want to take it a step further. Each student on our campus should be learning and developing spiritually along with these other areas. This makes a distinct difference in school culture, student involvement, and success after graduation. (Listen to the 2021 Graduation Speeches below to see this difference.)

While HCA works diligently to ensure each student finds success and demonstrates competence in the classroom, we also focus on developing character and helping students discover their calling. Our graduates have gone on to work in several popular industries such as Finance, Technology, Aerospace, Healthcare, Education, and Communication. We also have students find their calling in Ministry, Fine Arts, Athletics, and Service. Our focus on college prep academics while emphasizing the importance of their relationship with Christ allows these students to build an incredible foundation for their future. HCA has seen an incredible shift in school culture thanks to our students' hard work and commitment to stay intentionally Christian. They are responsible for making each new student understand that they truly belong at HCA.

Can a focus on Christian education and learning from a Biblical Worldview truly make a difference as a student prepares for college? Watch our Class of 2021 Valedictorian and Salutatorian give speeches at last year's graduation as each of them and their classmates embark on a new journey. So, watch these videos and you might catch a glimpse of why HCA is extremely proud of our alumni and the way our graduates have developed character, demonstrated their competence, and continue to discover their calling in all areas of life.


Valedictorian - Carlos Vazquez

Salutatorian - Grace Sullivan

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