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Harvest Happenings!

Welcome to 2023!

About Our High School Newspaper Staff:

Our student-run newspaper was founded in August of 2021 by class of 2022’s Ashlyn Beck because of her interesting in pursuing journalism as a college major. She became the first editor of Harvest Happenings under the supervision of our High School English teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Tysinger. After the inevitable learning curve when pioneering something new, the paper's first year was very successful in establishing a tone and following for this monthly publication. Well into our second year of publication, the newspaper staff as doubled in size and the quality of the newspaper just keeps improving. Newspaper has been added as a Fine Arts credit option this school year, so the staff are rewarded for their hard work with a grade. The staff meets together over the summer and once a month during the school year to plan for upcoming articles, assign writing, and check in with everyone. This year’s co-editors, Samantha Ward and Karys Walls, do an excellent job of leading their staff of reporters, photographers, and graphic designers. The future of journalism looks bright at HCA!


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